Multi-Screen 60MP Smartphone Appears Even More Radical Than The iPhone
时间:2018-08-04 10:38

Turing Space Industries has teased an ambitious smartphone design called the ‘HubblePhone’ that’s a fusion of four main components: “a revolutionary multi-screen smartphone, a 5G communication device, a professional grade camera with advanced image and HD video editing software, and a mobile gaming console.”

The novel design sports not one, but two display screens—one of which is rotatable for video recording, supplemented by a 12-megapixel upper deck primary camera module—accompanied by a main 60-megapixel camera lens.

The phone’s been designed for compatibility with the yet-to-be-released Snapdragon 855 processor, AI-functionality, and “emotional machine-intelligence chip to provide a next-gen mobile gaming experience.”

The brandtouted its lip-reading technology, which when coupled with the multi-dimensional screen and camera setup, aims to let users “make calls by simply saying a name or number with voice or by silently moving their lips.”

Turing is aiming for an official first quarter 2020 global release, June 2020 US release, August 2020 Europe release, September 2020 China release, and December 2020 rollout for other parts of the world.

The phone is anticipated to retail at US$2,749—nearly triple that of the iPhone X.

For now, there’s much skepticism over whether this design will even come to fruition. Turing Space Industries, formerly Turing Robotic Industries, had filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, though CEO Steve Chao assured that filing for bankruptcy did not mean that the company was actually broke. Furthermore, its chrome-encased smartphone, introduced in 2015, has yet to see the light of day following multiple market delays.

AdvertisementAdvertisementOnly time will tell how much of the ‘HubblePhone’ will make it to reality. Till then, have a look at the design below and learn more about it on its website.

[via Engadget, images via HubblePhone]

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