Rolling Stone Redesigns Its Logo, Magazine, And Website To Usher In A New Era
时间:2018-08-04 10:12

Old cover (left) VS new cover (right). Images via Rolling Stone / Facebook and Rolling StonePrint publishers are now finding even more importance in capturing the attention of their digital audiences. This year alone, National Geographic, Glamour, and MAD magazines overhauled their appearances and layouts for visual readers.

Now, pop culture magazine the Rolling Stone has given its logo, pages, and online presence complete facelifts.

Starting with its July issue, Rolling Stone magazine will flaunt a “big, bold, glossy” format with extra pages and richer photography. The publication has weeded out some of its old content to double down on what the current generation cares deeply about: music, political coverage, and “more of the best and brightest” of pop culture.

The magazine’s logo is now more subtle, coming in as a one-tone, smoothed-out rendition of its predecessor that is easy on the eyes and more responsive.

The ‘R’ in the iconic masthead has been given a more dramatic appeal—it’s been enlarged, and now dips lower than the rest of the wordmark. The reform makes for an eye-catching monogram to be used on Rolling Stone magazine’s social media channels.

The modernized logo, according to Design Director Joe Hutchinson, focuses more on the letterforms themselves, but is still a powerful marker of the Rolling Stone brand. will continue to be the brand’s primary channel for breaking music news, though it will take things up a notch by adding content that the audience seems to love, such as original videos, reviews, and lists. Further, “we’re giving them to you in a way that’s easier to navigate and more visually dynamic” on both web and mobile versions of the site.

AdvertisementAdvertisementWatch Hutchinson describe how the Rolling Stone logo has evolved in these 50 years.

Old logo (above) VS new logo (below). Images via Wikimedia Commons and Rolling Stone

Image via Rolling Stone

Image by Brand New via GIPHY

Posted by Rolling Stone on Monday, July 2, 2018

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